The wholesale marketplace platform for Circular Fashion

we match the supply of post-consumer clothes and deadstock with the demand of the circular fashion businesses


If you are a recycling fiber company, an upcycling brand or a second-hand shop you are in the right place!On Re4Circular marketplace you can use filters to search what you need, see the collection hubs that can provide what you are looking for, view each garment and its characteristics and buy them online.There is not a minimum cost to spend but a minimum amount of garments to buy.
You will not buy on a "black box" but you will choose the content of your purchase (selecting by type, color, material and 100% composition, gender, season, size, presence of defects, etc.).
You will no longer have to waste entire days between phone calls, emails and research to find the material you are looking for, just use our search filters.



Nowdays the sorting activity is mainly manual and this doesn't allow to register all the clothes' features useful for circular destinations, such as recycling, reuse and upcycling.We provide collection and selection companies with a sorting and digitizing technology based on artificial intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence extracts all the useful characteristics just from the pictures and all these data will be conveyed on the marketplace.
Thanks to this technology it will be possible to speed up the cataloguing process and value each garment so that it can be directed through the best circular destination (at the moment it is an app on a smartphone but we will soon create an industrial machinery).
All the sorted clothes will be directly sold on the marketplace: less intermediaries, more revenues!
In addition, we promote all the realities that sell on our marketplace, enhancing them as ethical companies, attentive to transparency and concretely committed to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.


Re4Circular is coming soon.
If you are interested in this service, please leave us your email or ask us any questions.

Who we are

Atelier Riforma is an innovative startup with a social vocation, incorporated in 2020.
The two co-founders are Elena Ferrero and Sara Secondo.
We began with a pioneer marketplace for upcycled garments but we have soon realised that circular fashion needs a solution at the beggining of the supply chain and at a higher scale.
To address the environmental impact of textile waste it is necessary to convey the most of the post-consumer garments to circular destinations. In order to do so, we have designed a new revolutionary technology: Re4Circular.
It is the first AI-based technology that automates the cataloging of used clothing, in order to value each garment and direct it to the best circular destination: recycling, upcycling or reuse.In view of 2025 (the year in which the separate collection of textile waste and their sustainable management will be mandatory in all EU countries), we aim to make the post-consumer clothing supply chain digitized and efficient, with the goal of addressing as many garments as possible towards circular uses.
Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry and promote its transition towards a circular model.

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